Mir Saeid Marouflakrani

Mir Saeid Marouflakrani

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189 cm
81 kg
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Saeid Marouf

Saeid Marouf, comes from Urmia; the volley-lover town
of Iran. The 30-year-old player of Iran is considered one of the best setters throughout
the world – winning best setter awards at World league 2014, the Asian cup in
2010, MPP award (Most popular player) during the Asian championship in 2009 and
its MVP award in 2013.

He is known in Iran as "Golden Claw" for whatever that is
famous for as “the art of play”: quick claw, well-thought plan of attack,
surprising selection of his team attacker, precise performance, open eyes in
creating the playing context, fully aware of the position of the rival players
under the net and within the court, his surprising attack, etc.

Now, the Iranian model of volleyball is represented by Saeid Marouf,
the setter featuring speed, creativity, and diversity as the beating heart of
world volleyball. It is as if “the art of play” is in his blood. He surprises
the opponents without killing the speed with a different design by employing
all his spiking capabilities. He makes the spectators excited. In fact, he is
able to imbalance all the equations of a match for Iran. He is clever enough to
change the result of the match for Iran in critical moments.

The word Marouf means ‘well-known’ in Persian. Marouf is now
well-known with his "Volley-Art" in the world as a setter whose
creative design has turned the attacking line of Iran into a scoring weapon in
the world. A player who is the backbone of Iran in world championship and had a
special role in team success in every match. A captain whose decisive role is
undeniable in uniting the team mentality of Iran, so that the young head to
head with the experienced players could show up their technical performance in
the best possible way.


  • Position Setter
  • Selection Olympic (1) - W.C. (36) - Other (145)
  • Current Club BYKE MOTOR
  • Spike 331
  • Block 311