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The Canadian serve made the difference, says Santilli


Canada got a good service game that helped them win the match in five sets

Tokyo, Japan, May 31, 2016 – Canada coach Glenn Hoag and Australia coach Roberto Santilli both agreed that the service game of Canada down the stretch made the difference.

Canada coach Glenn Hoag: “It's always a battle when we play with Australia. Their block defence was good tonight. It was hard for us to score points. Our serves were better in the end of the match and I think that was the difference.”

Canada captain Rudy Verhoeff: “We knew it would be a battle. I'm proud of the resiliency our guys showed. This was our third five-set match. The fourth set was important. We had to rely on our preparation and training. We had to be aggressive.”

Australia coach Roberto Santilli: “This was a big challenge for both teams. We always have big battles with Canada. They deserved to win. Their float serves and serve-reception was good. The serves made the difference. Unfortunately we lost, but the tournament is not over. We will keep going and do our best.”

Australia captain Thomas Edgar: “I'm very disappointed. Canada hung tough. We threw everything at them. We had some good signs today. Hopefully we can play better tomorrow. We still have several games left. I strained an abdominal muscle four days before the tournament and have aggravated it a bit here. I am trying to manage it.”


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