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Teams’ block defence was good, says Hoag


Canada coach Glenn Hoag celebrates with his team after their 3-2 win over China

Tokyo, Japan, June 5, 2016 – Canada coach Glenn Hoag commended the block of both teams, while China coach Xie Guochen said that their experience in the tournament is good for their future.

Olympic Qualification Process

Canada coach Glenn Hoag
: “It was a hard match. Just like China we have had long games. It has been a difficult tournament for the athletes. Today the block defence on both sides was good. It was spectacular volleyball. I love this sport, so it was a great spectacle.”

Canada captain Rudy Verhoeff: “It was an awesome match. We battled hard. There was a lot of pressure. We showed our resiliency. We gave ourselves a shot to go to Rio. We will see what happens in the next match. I'm proud of how our guys fought today.”

China coach Xie Guochen: “This was an important match but we lost. We fought from the first set to the last. The team has gained great experience for the future of China men's volleyball at this tournament.”

China captain Jiao Shuai: “It was a very difficult match. Both teams blocked great. Canada are a strong team, one of the strongest in the world. We gave away too many points today. We gave our best throughout the tournament.”


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