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Subs in third set were key - Santilli


Australia coach Roberto Santilli is pleased with their 3-0 win over Japan

Tokyo, Japan, June 2, 2016 – Australia coach Roberto Santilli emphasised that their substitutions in the third set was key to their victory, while Japan coach Masashi Nambu felt the struggle of his players as they could not play their normal game.

Australia coach Roberto Santilli: “We are very happy about the result. This has been a difficult tournament, but we have played better day-by-day. We deserved to win tonight but we were lucky. We made some substitutions in the third set and that was key. We will rest tomorrow and then focus on our next match with China. Carroll, Sanders and Staples really did well. We played like a real team.”

Australia captain Thomas Edgar: I cannot be more excited and proud. The Japan defence was tough. Our bench players did an amazing job.”

Japan coach Masashi Nambu: “Even with the lead we allowed them to turn it around. It was an exceptional kind of pressure. We could not play in our normal way, but the players did their best. I apologise to the fans at the stadium, the players, and those who watched on TV. The two games left should be used to leave hope for the future of the national team.”

Japan captain Kunihiro Shimizu: “We had the lead in the first set and made some mistakes then did it again in the third set. The team and I had shortcomings in this match because we failed to get side-outs. We did have several good moments. Edgar and Carroll made aggressive attacks and we allowed them to score.”

Japan player Yuta Yoneyama: “We did not play bad at the start. The third set we lost point in succession and could not take the lead back. We have made many mistakes in the tournament. Yanagida had some good serves, but their outside hitters scored. It was disappointing and I think we were just not good enough.”

Japan player Yuki Ishikawa: “After two sets we could not take advantage. I feel like I should have scored more in decisive moments. It's frustrating to miss Rio. I failed to deliver at the decisive moments and that is why we have this result.”


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