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Mozdzonek proud to play for flag and country


Poland's Marcin Mozdzonek still strives hard to give his best for the national team

Lausanne, Switzerland, May 24, 2016 – Marcin Modzonek is one of the most seasoned members of Poland and through ups and downs, the middle blocker continues to have that same passion of serving the national team.

Modzonek joined the national team preparations in early May at the Olympic training facility in Spala. After a gruelling club season, there was still a huge turnout of players in their trainings.

“I really want play for the Polish national team,” Mozdzonek said. “The other players are all eager to be part of it. We are doing this for our own satisfaction to play the white-and-red flag. There is something enigmatic about it, which draws us to play despite the busy club season.”

Poland are in Tokyo, Japan, to compete in the World Olympic Qualification Tournament against a tough cast of opponents such as Australia, Canada, China, France, Iran, Japan, Venezuela.

Mozdzonek puts a lot of effort to stay on top of his game. It is a big challenge for the middle blocker to keep up with the younger players, but still, he succeeds. His only focus now is on getting the Olympic qualification ticket.

“I will work hard to be in the line-up in Rio but there is plenty of time, we must qualify first to the Olympic Games.” Mozdzonek said.

He weighed in on the chances of his team in their upcoming competitions.

“We are a contender for being a powerhouse,” Mozdzonek said. “The 2014 World Championship is finished. It’s history. Last season, there were changes, so it is practically a new team. The men’s competition now, in terms of level, is equal.”

The men’s Olympic qualifiers may be difficult but Mozdzonek is not thinking of defeat, but he is rather optimistic that his team will perform well.

“I am confident that we will qualify, even though anything can happen. I reject the thought of being pessimistic. We trained hard, we are prepared for the tournament, and the results of the Hubert Wagner Memorial are nothing to worry about. We will play much better. I am not worried about our condition.”


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