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Australia prioritise recovery and focus for next matches


Roberto Santilli pointed out that Australia need to recover and focus as their most important matches are coming up

Tokyo, Japan, May 29, 2016 – Australia coach Roberto Santilli pointed out that recovery and focus is needed in their upcoming matches, while Venezuela coach Vincenzo Nacci needed his team to work harder. 

Australia coach Roberto Santilli: “We have to be happy with this result. You have to be able to reset from the day before in a tournament like this. Our float serve and our attack are one of the key factors in this match. We still have the most important matches coming up, so we must focus on those matches.”

Australia captain Thomas Edgar: “This was an important win for us after yesterday's loss to Iran. Venezuela is a tough team with great physical strength. They played at a high level. We knew we would have to weather the storm against them and play well.”

Venezuela coach Vincenzo Nacci: “We played good volleyball in the first set. From the second set we made more mistakes and ended up with a similarly the same storyline as yesterday. Their float serve was a problem for us. We have to work harder in the succeeding matches.”

Venezuela captain Kervin Pinerua: “Our first set was good. From the second set we could not carry on the same level. We don't know why we could not keep our concentration and level from the first set.”

Venezuela player Jose Carrasco: “Their float serve disrupted our rhythm. We got behind and then lost concentration. The first set was good. From the second set we lost our speed and they scored. We need to improve and play harder.”


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